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Apocalyptic Update

Updated: May 19, 2022

As the country languishes under the various "stay inside" (or as some in Budo would put it "hide under the futon") orders that State Governors, Mayors, and County Judges have hit businesses (and dojo) with, we are all anxiously waiting for the orders to be lifted so that we can get back on the mat. As of today, it looks like the State of Texas will lift the restraints on hair & nail salons, gyms, AND DOJO on May the 18th so we are getting ready to get back into keiko.

One thing that we are currently working on during this down time is dojo maintenance (so that we have an even better facility to return to) and we are expanding our class offerings so that we can grow our student population and become a better dojo than before by offering a more comprehensive Budo.

Effective June 1st we are on-boarding a Kodokan Judo group who will be teaching classes 3x per week. While shiai (competition) is always a part and parcel of Kodokan Judo, this group had immediate appeal to us since they teach traditional "soft-touch" Judo the old fashioned way so that beginners can more quickly learn the principles and throws properly and effectively. And as is the case at any good Judo dojo, the requirement for engaging in competition is pretty loose so any Judo student can simply go to class for the sheer enjoyment of the study and not compete; or they may look forward to the occasional Judo tournament if that is the way the student wants to direct their Judo career.

The Judo Sensei between them have decades of experience in Judo and in BJJ so they understand the broad range of practice that both can offer and both hold senior instructor rank.

If you have interest in classical Kodokan Judo and grappling then contact us for more details and please plan on visiting the dojo once the orders have been lifted. See the home page of this web site for the contact information.

Domo Arigato

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