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Be Like The Zombies aka Happy Halloween

Updated: May 19, 2022

Life moves forward (even for the zombies among us). Classes come and deshi go to class (or they don't) but what that means is that every class not attended is a learning opportunity lost. So much of growing and learning martial arts actually happens by serendipity where you just happen to be standing there when Sensei has a thought and teaches something that no one has seen in years (or ever for that matter).

The Aikido and Judo programs are going strong and as Covid fatigue grows and continues to set, in people are coming back to the mat and we are adding new students.and new classes. As of October we are adding a new "advanced-player only" session in jojutsu. SMR Jojutsu has a lot of material in the jo sections alone not to mention the subsumed weapons so our jo players will be doing a deep dive into the advanced material and weapons sets such as kenjutsu, short staff, and sword breaker/war fan.

So if you're just sitting around holding an empty bag and waiting for dark to go trick or treating then consider fighting your way through the Halloween ghosts, and ghouls and come visit us. We can show you how to handle the Zombie Apocalypse.

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