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Both A Vacation & An Opportunity

Updated: May 19, 2022

The summer is just about done; if not in our thoughts then certainly by the calendar. While summer is always a great time to relax from the day to day grind that many of us go through and while the summer season is a time for family, hobbies, contemplation, and travel it can put a bump in the road as to our long term plans. Training in martial arts and hitting our goals in our career in Bushido can certainly be one of those areas affected by the summer.

The fall is full of time off including Labor Day in September, Halloween in October, Thanksgiving in November, and Christmas/New Years in December.

This year think about pulling out your calendar and while making those holiday plans, be sure to write in some time for training at the dojo. Remember that every week has 7 days and somewhere in there lies the opportunity to do all three including being with family, taking a little time off, and training. Stay with that long-term goal in the martial arts and don't lose sight of it.

See you on the mat.

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