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Come On 2021

Updated: May 19, 2022

The year 2020 was "un-fun" as a friend of mine once put it. Forget the politics and just focus on the pandemic issues that closed dojo, stopped all of us from training, and is still keeping some deshi off the mats and out of the dojo.

My Great Aunt (long since passed) who came to Texas as a young girl riding in a Conestoga wagon drawn by oxen once told me, "Better to live than to exist". During the "Time of Covid" this has become my motto of life as I ignore acknowledge the virus but ignore the fear by refusing to lock myself in my house and by continuing to train. While everyone has to make their own choices in life I am rapidly approaching that "magic age" of The Big 70 (I just turned 69) so every class that I am not on the mat is literally one that will never be possible again.

We are open for classes for 2021 and are moving forward in our Bushido. Our classes include Aikido & Self-Defense, Kodokan Judo, and SMR Jojutsu (classic weapons study including kenjutsu). If you think that 2021 is the year you get involved in martial arts training, or the year you come back to the mat after time away from training, then come visit and we'll share our vision of how to improve Body, Mind, and Spirit.

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