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Dojo Is Re-Opening for Training

Updated: May 19, 2022

We are very happy to share with everyone that our full class schedule will resume this coming Thursday the 21st of May. We've all been anxiously awaiting approval from the government to reopen after being closed for almost two months of the Corona ("not the beer") lock down. The dojo will open for free practice and SMR Jodo at 6 pm with Aikido class at 7:30. There will be some precautions that we'll be taking as-per Gov. Abbott's guidelines and we will share that information as you come in to suit up for training. We look forward to seeing everyone there and we are anxious to resume our pathway towards improving mind, body, & spirit while learning a very practical form of self-defense.

We are pleased to announce that beginning June 1st, we are on-boarding a Kodokan Judo group for classes. Judo is primarily a throwing and grappling art form that does have a competitive element to it; so if you like a challenging practice with a little competitive factor thrown in then Kodokan Judo might be for you. The Judo class schedule will be posted on the web site so look for those days & times there.

And, we are also pleased to announce a special class in police tactics. Taiho Jutsu is the self-defense & police tactics taught at Keisho which is the police academy in Japan. Taiho Jutsu is a combination of Aikido, Kodokan Judo, jujitsu, and weapons forms and at one time was also taught to security guards in the US military. All Taiho Jutsu students will be able to take weekly classes in police tactics in addition to our Aikido classes. This is a great opportunity for first responders and law enforcement as this material qualifies for TCLEOSE continuing education. The class times for Taiho Jutsu will be posted on the web site so look for those days & class times there.

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