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Into the Summer

Updated: May 19, 2022

It seems like only yesterday ..... uh, never mind ...... it seems like forever ago that life was normal and people weren't wearing masks, hiding in their closet, and were running an active training schedule at the dojo. So it "was" only yesterday that dojo were deserted and everyone was staying home.

Finally, everything is getting back to normal and deshi are returning to the mat and training as more is understood about the situations involving people, organizations, and governments.

Our senior ranks are returning to training and we are ramping up our Aikido and Jojutsu classes. It is starting to feel like a "real dojo" again as familiar faces come in the door.

No matter where you train, go back to class and support your dojo. Pick up on old friendships, and make new ones.

Life is too short to waste time so re-ignite your life in Busihido.

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