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The End (of a bad year)

Updated: May 19, 2022

2020. A year that no-one will forget (unless you are a monk on top of Mount Koyasan and have no access to media or the news). A year that all of us are glad to see go into the history books (aka the dust bin of history).

Somehow we survived while other dojo did not and having done so, we are thriving and preparing to enter the New Year by hitting the ground running. Our classes are running on our normal schedule, we are training and seeing promotions on a regular basis, and we are looking forward to old students coming out of self-imposed quarantine (aka "social isolation") and getting back on the mat.

If you have an interest in martial arts, in learning some practical self-defense, in getting back into shape, in developing new friendships with like-minded individuals, in developing and improving body, mind, and spirit then consider us.

We teach classical and traditional martial arts for the serious student that are not competitive, and that will change who you are and how you deal with the world around you.

Come in to visit and allow us to share our Budo with you.

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