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The Future Is Unknown So Face It Head-On

Updated: May 19, 2022

Over the last several months the world has been blind-sided by the virus and the accompanying lock downs, mask orders, and having your temperature taken to gain admission to businesses and buildings. Dojo have not been immune to this turmoil and all of our keiko (training) for every deshi (disciple) at every dojo (place for learning The Way) in the country has suffered.

The Aikibudokan re-opened once the lock-down order was lifted and we are running our normal training schedules for all our classes as we employ as many of the safety protocols as possible for a martial arts dojo to take.

Many martial artists are yet to return to the mat due to concerns about themselves or family members and we understand that. We are however encouraging everyone to return to the training as soon as possible. The longer one lays out the more difficult it may be to return and have the same focus. Additionally, no one knows if or when the next lock down order may come meaning that every training opportunity not taken may be one lost forever.

Be safe, but get back to keiko and contemplate what came before.

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