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Watch the Time

Updated: May 19, 2022

Older folks (including myself) have always disliked Daylight Savings Time. Brought in during the Johnson administration (and really being pushed during Carter's administration) purportedly to save energy, it never really accomplished that for the simple reason that if you have to drive 4 hours to somewhere, it is still a 4 hour drive. Plus, the energy to be saved by reducing the use of lights or air conditioning was so little as to be insignificant. I was living on a ranch at the time and all the cowboys and tractor drivers still got up at sunrise, still worked a 12 hour day, and still went to bed at sundown. Why the country still has DST remains a mystery, esp. since in today's digital economy you can work from anywhere at any time of day (or night) so fiddling with the clocks has no real impact on time on the laptop or web surfing.

Regardless, over my 45+ years of active training and teaching the martial arts I have actually seen deshi come to the dojo a full hour too early, or a full hour late to classes that first week after the time change. This "time confusion" is widespread and people have to focus on adjusting to the time change esp. during that first week (starting tomorrow) or both their time management and their personal energy levels could suffer.

So as a suggestion based upon my personal efforts and observation of others over the years, go to bed early, double check your clock, and be cognizant of class time. Look at this time change as a reminder of the growth potential that MA training can offer and we'll see you on the mat.

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