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Yes. Before You Ask We ARE Open and Are Teaching Full Classes

Updated: May 19, 2022

A couple of weeks ago we had a visitor who had been training at another dojo in town for quite a while; several years actually. However, his complaint was that his old dojo had shut down two years ago when the Covid pandemic hit and has not reopened since; the Sensei there still being overly concerned about Covid despite the fact that the entire county, indeed the entire planet, are all dropping mandates and are fully reopening for business. Whether or not they ever reopen is still up in the air.

While it's always nice in a sense (speaking as a business owner) to have less competition for clients, we consider it a small tragedy when a dojo, any dojo, shuts down. There are so few good dojo left that teach actual martial arts (as compared to gyms that teach competitive MMA or children) that the loss of even one is just that, a loss to the Budo-verse.

With that said, we are open and actually never shut down. We closed when TX said to but once they gave the all-clear, we immediately reopened and have been actively teaching during this whole time.

So if your old dojo is now closed or, if you weren't able to start training before Covid hit and keep running into disconnected phone numbers or dead web sites, then come visit us We are here and intend to remain as we teach martial arts and share the tenets of Budo with our students.

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