People dismiss a lot of possibilities in their lives and miss out on personal achievements by saying to themselves, "I can't do that".  That one phrase has the result of confining the individual to a small arena of what could be a larger domain of life.  Personal growth and the exploration of life's potential is all about busting out of self-imposed mental prisons and stepping out into a larger and freer existence that offers greater  opportunities.

Unlike how the media portrays martial arts, it is not simply about learning to take out the bad guys, and it isn't about  "sporting around' in  your new uniform.  It is a way of life encompassing physical fitness, mental and emotional development, learning martial skills, building communications ability and teaching skills, working with others of like mind, and learning about who you are, what you value, and how your world view functions.  In other words, "What really matters to you and how can you maximize who you can be?".

In a short phrase that many martial arts philosophers and writers are quoted as saying, it really is  about the full development of "Mind, Body, and Spirit" and working towards the overall life-growth of the individual who is training in the dojo such as discovering what you want to accomplish in life.  What are your aims and goals, and how far do you want to take an exploration of your real potential?

If trained and learned correctly with the guidance of a good teacher within the classical Budo tradition of the Sempai - Kohai (senior student - junior student) relationship of one-on-one learning, then martial arts can enlarge your view of the universe around you and enable you to reach the goals that you have always had and the dreams that you weren't aware of yet..

Finding personal success in learning the skills and self-confidence that training in Martial arts and Budo develops can become a win for yourself and a win for those around you as you learn to stay centered and maintain a calm attitude while effectively dealing with many different situations and stresses whether physical or emotional, on the street or at work, with strangers or family.

Life will only improve and change for the better when you become more committed to your dreams than you are to staying within your "comfort zone".  Come visit and we can share our experiences and our vision with you and show you what is possible.